December 1, 2023

Discovery Village Resort

Disclosure Village can be described as a collection of planned homestead tours set in stunning locations. Have 2 areas in Bangalore one on the Kanakpura Road and second one on the foot slopes of Nandi Hills. Each of these conditions have rich green nurseries, rambling trees and wide assortment of Team Building, Fun and Adventure exercises that carry you nearer to nature and discovery. It have Corporate group Outings, Family Outings, Corporate Events like Annual Day Functions, Trainings and Workshops, Conferences, Weddings, Private Parties.

Also offer a variety of other services that make our stay easy and relaxing. You don’t have to worry about your email or messages since you will access free WiFi. Parking is free and offered to park your vehicle. If you’re participating in a team-building event, you can play playing with your colleagues in the indoor games such as table tennis, chess or go swimming in the pool. There are also businesses centers with internet access as well as meeting rooms. It is the perfect spot to host your next team-building event.

Golden Palms Hotel & Spa

Golden Palms The hotel can be accessible from the closest airport and is therefore a popular selection for travelers. It is among the most popular hotels in Bangalore with 24-hour service at the desk. If you want you bring along your own vehicle and you are looking for complimentary Valet Parking is offered to the vehicles. Free WiFi is offered to guests not only in the resort’s hotel corridors, but also inside your room. Enjoy the delicious and informative breakfast buffet at Golden Palms resort and start your day by going to the Gym and fitness center.

Play tennis with your friends on the tennis court , along with other indoor sports. In addition to this be a part of those childhood memories cycling on bicycles that are available for on rental.

Rooms are a great place to relax. that have a level screen TV with cooling. It is also possible to stay connected during your visit because Golden Palms Hotel Bangalore offers guests complimentary internet access.

Bengaluru is also the home of Sri Vani Science Park, an acclaimed science museum which isn’t too far from Golden Palms Hotel.

Guhantara Cave Resort

There’s a location in the middle of Karnataka which entices adventurers as well as experienced enthusiasts; where the clues of tragically missed advancements are rediscovered and linked to contemporary conveniences. Where solid stone holds insider information within their souls and under ground, whispering to the visitors who visit here looking for a sense of solitude or pleasure. Activities and exercises in Guhantara are designed to utilize the outdoor and indoor time for the guests. Additionally, it is believed as having been incorporated into all classes of entertainment and games. This means that there is no reason to be bored, both in the indoor or outdoor areas of the resort.

Another fantastic service offered by the hotel is that they offer an Ayurvedic Spa. This means that after a long journey, they arrive and find their own spa experience It cleans and rejuvenates both body and mind.

Windflower Prakruthi Resort

It is located in the Windflower Prakruthi, is found close to The Devanahalli Air Terminal in Bangalore. This Windflower Prakruthi is a perfect escape for anyone who want to get away from the stress of urban life. It is a great place to host the family’s social gatherings as well as corporate gatherings. The hotel provides attractive packages for day usage as well as shorter visit.

This magnificent, lush well-maintained 7 section of land provides the perfect getaway for families, couples and family gatherings weddings and corporate celebrations such as activities for building groups and off-site gatherings, product dispatches, and basically everything an event producer or company might be looking for at the week escape or even a day trip. This resort is distinctive due to the natural beauty that blossoms within the surrounding of this resort. The tranquil setting makes it the perfect cozy and comfortable spot to spend a weekend with colleagues from your company or family.

Elim Resort

A stunning luxury resort located in Bangalore providing you with a wonderful holiday mood whether with your colleagues or friends. The moment you enter the resort will be relaxing as they greet guests with drinks to. Welcome you and refresh your body from the smoky travel journey.

The resort also serves the most delicious breakfast as well as dinner prepared by skilled chefs. The indoor games begin from 10:30 am until 5:45 pm and include Xbox Chess. Chess PS2 carrom, and other outdoor games such as cricket and hockey, rain dance etc. In reality, when you go to the games, you’ll be completely free of children since they will be engaged in. Their own pursuits, giving you the chance to spend your weekend in the way you like. You can even nurture your own child and participate in the fun-filled activities. In short, your time here will be enjoyable and memorable. Elim Resort highlights room administration in order to make your stay more enjoyable. The resort also offers an outdoor pool and a free breakfast. If you’re headed to Elim Resort and you want to stop for a free break, a free stop is offered.


If you’re in Bengaluru be sure to visit the nearby top ribs in Hunan. If you’re seeking out activities to do, look into Dodda Ganapathi Temple (1.2 mi), Kote Venkataramana Temple (0.9 miles) or Ramakrishna Math (0.7 mi). They are popular tourist attractions and are all within walking distance.

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