December 5, 2023

Do you find land area calculation taxing and wish you had a smarter way of converting your land area measurement? A land area converter could be your savior! Manually changing the area measurement of land can be quite a task – but with an area conversion calculator, the job gets easier. It is an online tool designed to instantly convert the unit of area based on a formula. All you need to do is enter the value of the area that you wish to convert, choose its measurement unit and select the unit you want to convert to – simple!

Benefits of Using a Land Area Converter

There are several perks of using a land area converter. If you are new to this, here are a few benefits you should be aware of:

  • The area converter makes land area calculation error-free since there is no need for long, arduous mental calculations. The online tool generates the value based on a formula. This is particularly beneficial for individuals dealing in real estate. 
  • An area conversion calculator helps a great deal when dealing with various measurement units used across the country. India being a huge country is divided into so many states and regions, where different units of measurement are used – for example, bigha, square yards, hectare, acres, katha, etc. Some of these units are specific to regions and are popular among the rural population. An individual may not be familiar with all the units. That is where an area converter comes in. You can choose whichever unit you want and enter the same in the online tool, and the conversion will be done in a minute. 
  • If you are planning to buy a property, knowing about the different land measurement units beforehand will be an added advantage. It makes it easier for buyers to purchase land in various regions and across the country. With the help of the land area converter, you can change the value to your preferred unit and get accurate results.  

What are the Uses of an Area Conversion Calculator?

In case you are wondering how an area conversion calculator could prove useful, you must go through the following points:

  • Whether you are an experienced working professional or wish to purchase a property, the land area converter tool can help you convert the land value to your preferred choice of land measurement unit in any part of the world.  
  • Since the units of land measurement vary from one location to another, it would be difficult to maintain accuracy if the land area calculation is done manually. For instance – in states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and some portions of Maharashtra, the unit of land measurement used is known as ‘Guntha’ while in other parts of India, including Haryana, Bihar, Punjab and portions of Uttar Pradesh, the measurement unit is referred to as ‘Bigha’, ‘Pucca’ etc.

How to Use a Land Area Converter?

Using a land area converter is very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps –

  • Choose a financial institution as per your preference and visit the official website.
  • Access the ‘Area Conversion Calculator’ on the homepage.
  • Enter the value and select the input area unit. 
  • The online area converter will automatically calculate the value and give you the result in an instant.
  • To find out the area for such calculations, you will first need to measure the width and length of the land, and then multiple the values to get the desired land area measurement. The area conversion calculator relies on a mathematical formula to change the land measurement value from and to different units. 

The mathematical formula goes as follows:

S*C = E [Here S = primary value; C = conversion factor, and E = end result]

Multiplying the starting unit value with the conversion factor of the desired unit gives you the final figure.

Some Common Land Measurement Units Used in India

There are several land measurement units in India and these vary with region. You can use a land area converter or area conversion calculator to change the value to the desired units.

Check out the list of area unit and conversion units in the table below:

Unit of AreaUnit of Conversion
1 Square mile640 Acres/259 Hectares
1 Hectares10,000 Sq. m./2.49 Acres (approx.)
1 Acre4840 Sq. yd
1 Square Kilometre247.10 Acres
1 Square yard (Sq. yd)9 Sq. ft.
Square meter (Sq. m.)10.76391042 Sq. ft.
1 Square centimetre0.00107639 Sq. ft.
1 Square inch (Sq. in.)0.0069444 Sq. ft
1 Square foot (Sq. ft.)144 Sq. in.

You can try and memorize the values from the table above to stay updated and prompt when it comes to land area calculation. Nevertheless, make the most of the online area conversion calculator, avoid making mistakes, and save yourself the time and hassle of going through mental calculations. 

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