November 29, 2023


Alang Madan Kulang trek, also known popularly as AMK or Alang Madan Kulang lies in the Kalsubai range of the Sahyadris, in Nashik district, Maharashtra.

It is the most sought-after trek in Maharashtra. Why is that so?  You may ask.

Here’s why…

Due to the technical terrain and dangerous long traverse on ledges, the requirement of mountaineering knowledge and knowing how to use specialized climbing equipment at certain sections becomes imperative.

Since it demands these high-level skills for a two-day trek, Alang Madan Kulang is known to be the most challenging trek that one can do in Maharashtra.

You must have heard the sentence, “higher the risks, higher the rewards.” This trek provides the most stunning views from the plateau on the top of the forts.

Not just the views from the top but the combination of dense forests, rocks and boulders, the caves, water cisterns, and the ancient writings on the stones make this one of the most amazing treks you can do. In the entire Western Ghats!

Use these pointers to gain help and plan your trek

  What to Watch Out for

   Trail Information

        GPX File of the Trek

        Best Time to go on an Alang Madan Kulang Trek

        How to Reach Alang Madan Kulang

        Difficult Sections on the Trek

      Steps or advice on How to Get Fit for the Trek

Things Recommended to Take on an Alang Madan Kulang Trek

      Permission to camp, availability of Water Sources, and Other Finer Details about the Trek

        Nearby treks to Visit After the Trek

If I have never been on a trek before, Can I still do this trek?

No. We do not recommend beginners to try this trek since the trek involves too many technical sections and walking on exposed ledges almost all the time.

Attempt this trek only after familiarizing yourself with less strenuous walks like Rajgad, Kalsubai, and Ratangad.

Do I need permission to trek to Alang Madan Kulang?

No permission is needed to embark on a trek to Alang Madan Kulang.

Trekking in Maharashtra is a boon for all trekkers regarding trek permission. After all, there are not many places like Maharashtra that do not need permission to trek or camp anywhere at the summit or on the trail.

Where should I look for food and water during the trek?

There is an absence of restaurants at the base of the trek. There are only a few local villagers’ homes at the base villages of Ambewadi, Ghatghar, and Kurungwadi, where you can avail of any food. Except for these, there are no other food sources on the trail.

It is advised to pack non-perishable food from home. Something like Bread and Jam/Peanut Butter, Roti, etc., will not go wrong so quickly.

Note: Don’t forget to prepare sufficient food for lunch and dinner on Day 1 and breakfast on Day 2.

Regarding water sources, there are none on the trail except the potable water cisterns on top of Alang, Madan, and Kulang.

So given the circumstances, we would recommend filling your water bottles to carry a minimum of 3 liters of water at Ghatghar or Ambewadi before starting the trek.

What to do or Who should I contact in case of an emergency?

Hospital: The closest hospital is SMBT Medical College (Contact: +919011067122)

Police Station: Ghoti Budruk Police Station. (Contact: +912553220544).

Mountain Rescue: There exists a newly created Pan-Maharashtra rescue group called Maharashtra Mountaineers Rescue Coordination Center (MMRCC). For help in the Sahyadris, you can contact them on 7620230231.

ERSS: in case of need for emergency help, you can contact the Pan-India Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) number- 112.

What about the mobile network and connectivity on Alang Madan Kulang?

You will get a mobile network for almost all major operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, etc.,

Only at the base.

The nearest ATM

Kasara, and Igatpuri, are the last you will get to see of the ATMs.

So, to ensure you have enough cash with you at all times, withdraw enough money at one of these stations before you proceed with your journey.

Do I need to hire a guide to trek on Alang Madan Kulang?

Yes. Unless someone from your group is a well-trained mountaineer and you have all the climbing equipment, getting a guide from Ambewadi or Ghatghar is strongly recommended.

What to do after Alang Madan Kulang Trek?

Are you exhausted after your trek to Alang Madan Kulang? If not, you might search for more places to spend your energy.

After the Alang Madan Kulang Trek, you can embark on a few other small treks that last for about a day or two; like the Sandhan Valley Trek, this trek is a canyon trek in the Sahyadris.

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