December 1, 2023
Smart Square Mercy

Smart Square is a portal that allows users to manage patient information and make appointments. It can also be used for emergency cases. It can remind patients of their appointments, and it helps prevent clashing of shifts. Its simple design makes it an ideal tool for hospitals and other medical facilities. You can access the system from anywhere and anytime.


In order to use the smart square mercy app on your phone, you will need to log in to the app. This is easy to do. To log in, simply launch your favorite web browser and type the URL of the official Smart Square login website. On the next page, click on “Create an account” and enter your details. Your name and email address will be required. After confirming your details, click “Sign in” to access your account.

When you sign in to the Mercy Smart Square portal, you’ll be prompted for a Network ID and password. Then, you’ll see a custom, bright square that shows your patient’s information. This feature also helps you set appointments and keep track of them.


The integrated calendar on the smart square system enables healthcare organizations to better staff nursing units while maintaining control of patient information. Users can easily update patient information and create and also manage schedules, while the user-friendly interface also makes it easy for hospital staff to enter appointments. The software is available for most operating systems, including Windows and also Mac.

Smart Square is compatible with most mobile devices, allowing medical professionals to access patient information no matter where they are. This includes timetables, treatment plans, and emergency personnel lists. The app is free to use, and also there is zero risk of viruses.


Smart Square is one of the most popular software systems available to medical facilities and private practices. It provides a user-friendly interface to allow any staff member to easily manage patient information and also schedules. Whether it’s on a laptop or on a mobile device, Smart Square is a great option for managing the workload of your staff.

Smart Square Mercy is designed for hospitals with multiple locations, and enables medical staff to control patient information and also ppointments from anywhere. Its free app can be used on a cell phone, tablet, or PC. It integrates easily with any existing technology in your hospital.

Mobile compatibility

Smart Square is an integrated clinical practice management software system that allows healthcare providers to view and update patient records anywhere. It also helps users manage patient profiles, schedule appointments, and manage staff information. The system is highly user-friendly, and has been designed for ease of use and security. The system is password-protected for the security of sensitive patient information.

Smart Square is compatible with most major mobile devices, including smartphones. It allows healthcare providers to access patient records from anywhere, and even add and delete client emergency rosters. It can be accessed on any computer or tablet with a mobile internet connection.


Smart Square is a web-based system that allows medical professionals to manage patient information, schedule appointments, and track patient health and conditions. It offers a user-friendly interface and is accessible on any Internet-enabled device. It allows you to easily add clients to your emergency staff roster, access patient health records, and schedule appointments.

This system provides secure access to patient information and scheduling. The system’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and can be used by anyone at your facility. Using Smart Square is also flexible and can be integrated into your existing hospital technology. It costs approximately $600 per month per user. The system can be used from any internet-enabled device, and it allows users to use existing credentials.

Smart Square for Healthcare Facilities

Smart Square is a web-based scheduling tool designed specifically for healthcare facilities. It was created by Avantas, a company known for bringing proven best-practice work strategies to the healthcare industry. Its dashboards and reports make it easy to manage and track employee scheduling and performance. Using Smart Square, healthcare organizations can optimize their staffing resources and reduce overtime.

Smart Square can be used on desktops and mobile devices. Its base is made of stainless steel and can be removed for easy cleaning. It is also compatible with calendars and home screens. You can also use it on your smartphone by installing the Smart Square app on your home screen. It is a convenient way to keep track of all staffing tasks and ensure equal resources for each patient.

Final Words:

Smart square is compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile devices. The intuitive interface enables hospital staff to log in anytime and from anywhere to manage patient information. The platform is secure and password-protected. It also allows users to access and edit patient information at any time, making it convenient for them to manage patient information. In addition, smart square allows hospital employees to save time and money by automating administrative tasks.

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