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Rajmachi Trek and Travelling Guide to Rajmachi Fort  - Picuki Pro
September 27, 2023


Wanna spend your weekend holiday in some smoothing place? If so, you’ve found the proper site. The most beautiful and charming, Rajmachi fort trek is located near Lonavala, which is one of the most famous forts in the whole Maharashtra and popular among trekkers especially from Pune and Mumbai. The total distance between Rajmachi fort and Pune is approximately 75 Km North West. Distance between Rajmachi fort and Mumbai is 20,095 Kms towards the South East.

The Rajmachi hills which are at their very best especially in the monsoon and winter seasons, have green beauty covered all over. If you want to visit Rajmachi which is a complete destination trip for a day out, our travel and tourism guide will definitely help you to execute a good trip. 

Rajmachi Fort Trekking Guide:

To go to the Rajmachi trek, there are two main trekking routes for which there is no need for guides and permission for that. All you need is good internet and Google Map installed on your mobile device and you are all set to go for the trek. Here are the 2 main Rajmachi trekking routes:

Note: There are no public transport facilities available to Rajmachi fort trek from either of the trekking route side.

Rajmachi Fort Trekking Guide from Kondhane Side:

Easily just search on Google maps for the “Rajmachi Trek, Kondhane, Maharashtra 410201” and you will see a clear driving route on Google Maps from your place you are currently at until the point from where the trek starts and your end destination. This trekking route is preferred mainly to the trekkers coming from the Mumbai side.

  • Rajmachi Fort Trek Distance from Kondhane Side: The total trek distance is around 3.5 Kms
  • Time to trek: It takes almost two hours to reach.
  • You can easily find some stops from where you can purchase water bottles and snacks in the final village before starting the actual trek.
  • You can also hire a well trained guide if you want.
  • The beautiful Kondane caves are also on the way to the route of Rajmachi fort from this side.
  • They also provide delicious lunches and tents at the village.
  • You can park your respective vehicle near the village.

Rajmachi Fort Trekking Guide from Udhewadi Side:

Just clearly search on Google maps for ‘Udhewadi, Maharashtra’ and you will get along the driving route to Udhewadi village. This route is preferred more from the Pune side. Remind yourself that the road from Lonavala to Udhewadi is in a very bad condition and becomes worse during the rainy season. During the months of the rainy season, even bikes find it quite hard to get driven upon. 

  • Rajmachi fort trek distance from Udhewadi side: It takes around 2.5 Kms.
  • Time to trek: Approximately 45 minutes.
  • Try to return from the route before sunset or else you might get stuck.
  • Taxi facilities are also available from Lonavala to Rajmachi and then to Udhewadi village.
  • You can also easily park your vehicle near the village. 
  • Rajmachi Trek Camping Information: There are mainly two big caves at the Rajmachi fort which can together accommodate approximately 60 people. You can take a local person or a guide with you. Remember that locals take some money for the service they provide. Carry some firewood with you and prepare a delicious and mouth watering dinner for the trekking group. On the other hand, if you want to stay at the local base village then you can also easily do that. Locals will take some cash and on behalf of that they will lend their front yard to you for a night.

Places to see Around Rajmachi Fort:

  • Shrivardhan Balekilla
  • Bhairavnath temple
  • Manoranjan Balekilla
  • Kondane caves

Best Time to Visit Rajmachi Fort:

Rajmachi Fort has a very charming and attractive weather throughout the year that catches the most tourists from every corner of the world. But after all the talks, the best time is considered to be the month of monsoon.

  • Summer (March – June):

Summers are warm and are far better than the hot and humid plains. Summers are very ideal for trekking and clicking picturesque and scenic views, though the time of May turns up a bit hotter than the other months.

  • Monsoon (July – September):

Pre monsoon months of May and June are considered as the best for the most firefly treks. 

  • Winter (October – February):

The seasons turn cooler by the months of November, but these are good months for trekking and camping because of their most suitable weather up on the hills.

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