December 5, 2023


Kamshet, a beautiful paragliding destination is situated at Mawal taluka at pune district, Maharashtra. Located 16 km from Lonavala and Khandala, 45 km from Pune and 110 km from Mumbai. Besides paragliding, Kamshet is also a point of attraction for beautiful and scenic views of western ghats with an essence of traditional and cultural sites to be explored. So for adventure sports enthusiasts  and nature lovers this place sounds like the perfect destination for your next weekend. To all the folks who love waking up in the lap of nature around a picturesque view of green-lush mountains, camping in kamshet can be the best experience. 

List of the various spots in khamsets for camping

Pawna dam camping

It is located 11-22 kilometres from Kamshet railway station and lonavala. Although it is an artificial lake it is one of the popular spots of tourist attraction. Camping near pawna dam will provide a refreshing and soothing breeze to your eyes and you will absolutely not regret it.

Shinde wadi hills

Surrounded by dense forests all around, camping in Shindewadi hills will leave you spellbound due to its breathtaking views. Also since it is very popular among adventure lovers for paragliding adventure sports. It is one of the very local and common spaces to camp.

Bhairi caves

It is also a favourite spot among adventure lovers because of the various activities like trekking, hiking and camping. And to reach this one spot destination for adventure lovers one has to cross a dense forest plateau and climb up a plateau and then comes this beautiful place.

Bhandar dongar 

Bhandar dongar is another such spot for adventure seekers which also gains the historical site. Since it is known for ancient temples it also attracts most of the tourists all around the world.

Visapur fort

Located at 20km distance from Tiger Point Lonavala it’s basically a fort above the plateau which you have to climb and then camp. Camping above  the fort with beautiful green lush valleys around will be such a mesmerising experience.

Best time to camp in Kamshet is between October and June and other than that weather can go from extreme hot to extreme cold. During May to November one can experience beautiful picturesque views of landscapes with heavy rainfall that makes the view more refreshing. And from December to February there is a maximum number of tourists as the weather becomes very cool and pleasant.

While you can do camping in beautiful spaces like the places mentioned above. You can also do adventure trekking above the western ghats and the old forts with ruins from the early british era.

Visapur fort day trek

It is another beautiful historical fort where one can reach after trekking while climbing the steep hill while watching beautiful views of greenery everywhere around. A local guide may also provide jeep facilities if you want to tour the greenery of western ghats.

Trek to bedse caves

Located at a distance of 30 km from the village kamshet it is a group of buddhist caves carved out of rocks. It gives you a ride to prehistoric caves and a beautiful sunrise once you reach the altitude.

Tikona fort 

It is a beautiful picturesque viewpoint in western ghats that is also one of the major significant historical points. This fort also provides a beautiful view of surrounding landscapes.

Bhairi caves

Most people know Bhairi caves as it gives exotic camping locations but it is also popular for trekking. While bhairi caves is a series of caves that is actually carved into the face of the mountain it also makes an adventurous trekking spot for many.

Pawna Lake trek

Well it is also a popular site for camping owing to its beautiful scenic views, one can also climb nearby and adjacent plateaus and gain a pleasant experience of trekking. By exploring beautiful views.

Best time to go trekking is during winter, from December to February. As trekking during summer might be extremely  uncomfortable and during monsoon western ghats experience heaviest of rainfalls which is not a safe season for trekking. Ideally  trekking in kamshet during winter is  perfect with cool and pleasant weather and you can als enjoy being with nature.


So, kamshet is a beautiful destination near Pune besides lonavala and khandala, to plan your next weekend as it offers you everything from trekking to camping and various other adventure sports like paragliding etc. Most  popular for camping, it’s a mesmerising place to visit as it leaves you spellbound with its astonishing greenery of western ghats and gives you instant refreshment. And not just a western ghats but also historical forts to visit should also be in your wishlist as reaching the fort and watching sunset will be a peaceful experience.

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