December 5, 2023

Wolves have been cartoon staples since the earliest days of animation, starting with classic stories like “The Three Little Pigs” and “Little Red Riding Hood.” These stories show the wolf as the villain. Still, there are many stories where this animal is the hero: Balta (1995), Alpha and Omega (2010), and the Japanese anime Wolf’s Rain are just a few examples.

Do you wish you could draw your cute cartoon wolf? 

Now you can, with the help of this easy step-by-step drawing tutorial. All you need is a sheet of paper, an eraser, and something to draw on, like a pencil. You can also use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to color your cartoon wolf when you’re done.

This guide follows a step-by-step format, with each step accompanied by an illustration. Notice that the new lines added in each step are highlighted in light blue, while the marks made in the previous actions are black. You’ll want to draw lightly at first, as some of your initial lines need to be erased before the drawing is complete. By following this tutorial, you’ll soon have your very own wolf friend.

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Step-by-step instructions for drawing a cartoon wolf

Step 1

Start by drawing a circle.

Step 2

Extend a curved conduit from the top of the circle to the right. This will form the muzzle of the wolf.

Step 3

Extend another curved line down from the previous line.

Step 4

To draw the ear, spread a curved stripe from the left side of the rotation. This line will fold in on itself, almost enclosing the form. Inside this shape, draw another smaller curved line. This describes the inside of the ear.

step 5

Draw another curved line on top of this to indicate the other ear.

Step 6

Erase the guidelines formed by the original rotation.

Step 7

Draw jagged fur along the neck. Do this by drawing about eighteen short, curved lines at irregular points.

step 8

Draw the fur on the back and chest. Using short curved pipes, draw jagged topics as you did along the neck.

step 9

Connect the fur on the back and chest using curved lines of different lengths. This will create a sort of mane along the wolf’s channel.

step 10

Extend a long, curving line down from the chest. Add some fur detail using four short lines that meet at jagged points, then continue with another long, curved line. Extend another long, curved line from the back.

step 11

Draw the bushy behind, overlapping the lines that form the rump. The tail has an oval shape consisting of a few hair tips. Use about eighteen curved tubes of various lengths to digest this shape.

step 12

Erase the guidelines inside the tail.

step 13

Draw the hind leg. Start with an inverted “U” shape consisting of seven curved lines that meet at irregular points on the skin. Where the tail and body meet, draw the foot with a long line in a “U” shape. Draw a short curved line on the sole to differentiate the toes.

step 14

Draw the front portion using a long, curved line. The line should start at the chest, extend down, form a rounded square, and bend back to the end near its starting point. Draw a short, curved line inside the foot court to differentiate the toes.

step 15

Erase the guidelines that cross the legs.

step 16

Draw the far legs, using one curved line for the front leg and two for the around leg. Draw a sharp, curved line at the end of the apiece foot to differentiate the toes.

step 17

Draw a circle to form the eye. To the left of the process unfold a curved chute. Above the eye, draw an eyebrow by connecting four curved lines to form a closed shape with jagged fur on one side.

step 18

Draw a circle inside the eye and two small circles inside it. Shade the area around the small circles. Draw the beak using a curved line.

step 19

Place your howling wolf near the edge of a cliff. Draw a wavy line extending from the left flank of your paper behind the predator. Connect this line at a point with two other wavy lines extending to the page’s bottom.

step 20

Color your final image. Although wolves are usually gray, they can also be black, brown, red, or white.

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