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Goa Blogs: Stories From India's Party Capital - Picuki Pro
September 27, 2023


Goa, although considerably the smallest state in India. It holds a special place in everyone’s mind and heart but not just for the Indians but also for people from Russia, Europe, France and people from all over the globe. This is the only state which was colonised by the Portugal empire. The vibe of this place is something entirely different . The one which you are not going to see in the other states.

How does it feel to finally make it to goa after so many cancelled plans. If you’re still on the cancellation phase then my friend you are going to regret not going to Goa.

Goa is quite famous among people for letting go of their daily lives. They come here to find themselves, for the nightlife, to enjoy themselves to the fullest, to go wild and crazy but do not forget about the beauty of this state, that is the culture, the history and the magnificent nature. It is a wonder on earth that makes you want to go there again and again.

Let the journey begin!

We hopped on a train to Goa from Mumbai. And to be honest I used to think that going via train is a lot of work. But once you take that sip of chai and look at the scene it makes you feel as if you’re in a movie and starting a new chapter of your life.

After reaching goa we checked into our hotel which was a really cosy place where we could just snuggle up and sleep but no we came here to party!

We got ready and then booked a scooter which is available every alley you pass, because it makes it easier to explore. After a bit of wandering we had our lunch which was delicious. It was lobster and to be honest the best one I have eaten so far. Then we started our sightseeing because if we got tired from all those water sports I was pretty sure that we would just go to sleep.

The Journey

We started with the famous Dil Chahta hai fort that is the “Chapora fort”. It was also near the Vagator beach . We enjoyed the peace and view and then just spent some quality time with my friends along with our drinks.

After that we went to the sinquerim beach. We sat in the historical monument depicting the defence of portugals against the dutch “the fort Aguada”. The view from up there was quite amazing to be honest and we never saw the Arabian sea so clearly.

After that we went to the candolim beach for a bonfire night, we sang and danced around the bonfire, roasted some marshmallows and looked at the night sky of goa.

Journey Continues

The next morning we went to the “Basilica de Bom Jesus” a church in Old Goa that contains the mortal remains of the missionary “Saint Francis Xavier” and explored the city around for a bit, had our lunch and then went back to our hotel to change. Because now it was time to party!

We hit a few spots like the titos club and hilltop and to be honest all of us were super tired out from the day and after all that music and dancing. We danced our hips out, it’s true the vibe of the place was something you don’t get to see often. After all the partying we went to listen to some live music at café mambos which is like on my highly recommended list. After all our shenanigans we went back to our hotel. We went straight to bed and then woke up in the afternoon the next day.

End of Journey

The next day was just to relax and just explore the city. We visited various beaches and ate tons of street foods and saw loads of art. It was the moment I fell in love with street performers and with street art too. We bought some souvenirs for our friends  and then returned, had dinner and called it a night.

The next day was for us to quench our thirst for adrenaline. Because it was time for water sport, we did tons of activities like parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking and many others

The trip to Goa was a big stress reliever for me and my friends. When I entered the city with no knowledge about it and now am leaving with great memories and love for this city.

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