November 29, 2023

Brochures and Stationaries Creation and Printing of personalized Brochures for both companies and individuals within our Digital Printing section.

Personalized brochures are an essential tool to spread and transmit all the information about your company or business.

From presenting your story, making your services or products known to potential customers for your company or business. And also to be able to make the presentation and promote all its offers

It is a great ally to be able to attract new clients for our business.

The brochures have a totally versatile and compact size. Which makes it perfectly useful to distribute at fairs and events.

They are also especially adaptable to be able to send them by mail or leave them on the counters of our office.

For the creation and printing of Brochures, we must choose the size and finish appropriate to our needs.

We have to think about what we want to convey in print in order to make an elegant choice so that it impacts our future clients.

clients for our business

They will advise and guide you throughout the process of choosing the size. Like choosing the photos that best suit what your business or company wants to convey at all times.

Sizes for booklet creation and printing

The standard and most used sizes for the creation and Brochures and Stationaries of brochures are the DIAN4, DIAN3, and 21×21 cm sizes.

But currently, according to the information that we are going to put, any size and folding that comes to mind can be made. 

In order to create a fully personalized and attractive brochure to capture the attention of our future customers.

These can be made from just one page, up to 24 pages. Everything will depend on the amount of information that we must put in our brochure.

material types

The material used can be of different weights and materials.

Everything will depend on what we want to transmit at each moment.

We can use coated, laid, recycled, and different weight papers. 

Depending on the type of dubbing that will take or the number of sheets that we will make the brochure, we will have to use a more or less high grammage.


In addition to taking into account if it will be a brochure that we are going to send by mail or it will be given by hand to distribute at fairs, events. 

Or directly to our future clients when visiting them to present our products.

Also so that they can clearly see how we can help them so that their business can grow with our products.

Brochure Finishes

Depending on the chosen type of paper and grammage, we can make one finish or another. We can finish in gloss lamination or matt lamination, giving it a totally palpable elegance at all times.

We can also make a Soft Touch finish which, apart from protecting the brochure, gives it a tactile finish that is totally different from the rest of the finishes Brochures and Stationaries. 

Making it much more attractive as soon as we have it in our hands.

Its touch is elegant, transmitting a very soft touch, it also conveys an aspect of exclusivity.

what should it contain?

We also have to be very clear about the text that we are going to put in order to capture the attention of our future clients.

We also have to put our logo so that our future clients can identify us at all times.

In addition, we must take very special care in choosing the photos that we are going to include. Depending on the approach that we are going to give our brochure.

Designing a brochure

If it is to present our products if it is to present our newly created company or to carry out a campaign to promote offers of our products or services.

Brochures and Stationaries

We can make several types of brochures offering and transmitting different things in each one. So that the reading and visualization are many clearers for our future clients.

How to create a good brochure

The most important thing about how to create a good brochure is to capture the attention of our future clients and that it is useful for them to have received that information.

Whether for the text provided or simply for viewing the photos, a picture is worth a thousand words

These are widely used at events and fairs.

In this way, with the Creation and Printing of Brochures, we will have the possibility that they contact us to clarify if they have any questions or to be a client of our services or products.

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