December 5, 2023


Himachal Pradesh is a picture-perfect state that impresses callers with scenic hill stations, antique townlets, snow- covered mountains, lush denes, different foliage and fauna, absolute nature and abundant trekking trails. It’s a veritable haven for nature suckers, comers and alpinists . Then our pick of the top places to visit in the residence of Snow. 

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On the banks of Parvati River lies a photogenic village of Kasol, also pertain to as the ‘ Little Israel of India ’. Laidback and serene, Kasol is popular among alpinists and hippies, and with good reason. The stunning geography of snow- limited mountains, lush denes , scenic falls and unperturbed touring routes makes it a paradise for nature suckers and pedestrians, while the cornucopia of fascinating cafes, budget-friendly stay options and relaxed vibe makes it an amazing spot to pack through. 

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Also called the Queen of Hills, Shimla is a gorgeous colonizer hill station, where graphic lookouts will hail you at every niche. A perfect place to wander, Shimla showcases some of the stylish colonizer- period armature, including the Viceregal Lodge, the Town Hall, Gaiety Theatre and the Christ Church. The megacity’s position at the foothills of the Himalayas amidst the lush verdure and snow- covered mountains makes it a perfect place for touring and other out-of-door fun. The appeal of the Queen of Hills increases multifarious when the downtime sets in – the entire megacity gets enveloped in snow, a sight to flash back ! 


At an elevation of 900 m lies a small social city of Kasauli. The city has little in terms of lodestones , commerce and population. still, that’s exactly where its beauty and appeal lies – its unalloyed air, serene and peaceful vibe, and a cornucopia of nature is what attracts trippers . The places you can visit include the Baptist Church, Christ Church, Kasauli Brewery, Monkey Point, Nahri tabernacle and Kasauli Club. 


 Nestled in the upper rung of Kangra Valley, Dharamshala enjoys one of the stylish climates in Himachal. girdled by snow- laden peaks of Dhauladhar mountains and lush pine and deodar timbers, the city is brimming with artistic and architectural lodestones , along with a great number of caffs , cafes and shops feeding to its expansive multilateral Indian and Tibetan communities. Its cities, similar to Mcleodganj Ganj( India’s Mini Tibet), Dharamkot, Sindhbari, Ramnagar and Naddi are worth exploring. Also, with a plethora of touring trails, falls and scenic denes , the city beckons comers from across the world. 

Spiti Valley 

At an altitude of810 m, Spiti Valley is a remote vill up in the cold desert mountains. Despite the fact it’s fairly insulated, plenitude of spiritual and adventure trippers are gradationally making their way to Spiti to explore its numerous Buddhist cloisters scattered throughout the area, and indulge in thrilling conditioning, similar as touring, mountain biking, chute rafting and wildlife finding. In addition, it’s girdled by several high- altitude townlets, like Tabo, Kaza, Dhankar, Kibber, Komic and Langza, which can also be explored on your trip to Spiti. 


 positioned at an altitude of,050 measures on the River Beas vale, Manali is a picture-perfect hilly retreat that draws in crowds of excursionists every time. The graphic geography comprising lush pine and deodar timbers, snow- covered mountains, scenic meadows, falls and denes attracts comers and nature suckers likewise. Alternately, the ancient tabernacles and Tibetan cloisters gesture spiritual suckers. 


 In the Kinnaur quarter of Himachal lies a small yet fascinating vill, Chitkul, which is maybe the last inhabited village near the Indo- China border. There is n’t much to see and do in the village, still, its scenic geography encompassing lush green foliage, snow- laden mountains and apple vineyards, and tranquil vibe make it an ideal place for those looking to be at one with nature – in peace and quiet. Of particular interest is its antique houses, complete with rustic or slate roofs, and a tabernacle that houses a 500- time-old deity of the city. 

Beas Kund Trek 

 One of the most immensely popular journeys from Manali, the Beas Kund journey has its own religious and spiritual history as well as beatific significance. The bliss of the mountains, the tranquillity of the meadows, the pristine air, and the sweet hush of waters rushing against the jewels, are similar to the beauty of the Beas Kund journey. As the beautiful name suggests, the journey is to the Beas Kund, the journey to the commencement of the swash Beas. This in itself makes it far more interesting and intriguing than any other journey, because you get to substantiate an alpine glacier melting down into a beautiful little sluice which subsequently takes the form of a swash of enormity like that of Beas.  

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