December 1, 2023

Meta has become a leading term in social, and it’s not surprising to mention that the top three social media platforms are owned by the same: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 

Additionally, millions of Facebook and Instagram shops are operating via an online network. Thus, businesses roping social platforms for increased sales is known as social commerce. 

According to research, about 33% of Instagram users use the platform for making purchases, which is why the social media platform emphasizes the integration of mCommerce features for an enhanced experience. 

Meta’s swoop into the eCommerce world has been one of the numerous attempts that have taken the world by storm. While social commerce is rapidly acquiring popularity, Meta is also obtaining tremendous success considering online shopping. 

Need real examples? Then, continue reading for more! 

Instagram Has Become a Go-To Platform for Purchases 

You’ll notice millennials addicted to using Instagram, be it scrolling reels or stalking brands for purchasing goods. 

While Instagram’s shopping feature is in its infancy, it is swiftly gaining impulsion. It allows brands to upload their catalog of goods available and enable users to complete their checkout once the online payment is processed.

What’s more interesting is that TikTok is now offering close competition to Meta as a shopping platform even though it integrated the mechanism a year ago. 

Moreover, Meta is making jaw-dropping efforts to sell customers the Metaverse in its first brick-and-mortar store. 

Surprised? Shocked?

You’ve heard that right! Here’s more for you to know. 

Meta Formerly Known as Facebook is All Set to Have Its First IRL Shop

Meta is going to open its doors to the Meta Store, where customers can try out hardware in-store, including the reimagining of Google Glass. Additionally, the company will also revamp with the integration  of online shopping, which’ll also enable purchasing goods from home. 

Now that you’re familiar with how beneficial it is for businesses to build their digital space on social media platforms, how about following the same approach for your brand? 

Since there are more than 4.2 billion social media users worldwide, you’re missing a plethora of opportunities if you’re not taking advantage of the same. 

Brand Building with the Help of Social Media 

So, let’s unveil the benefits when a business connects with its customers via social media: 

– Enhanced Brand Awareness

With the majority of the world’s population present on social media, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become a natural hub for businesses to reach their potential customers. 

Do you think people only connect with the brand popularly known?

That’s not true! In fact, people like to discover and connect with brands that have unique and intriguing products to offer. 

– Brand as a Thought Leader

Notably, people are looking forward to brands that have insights and information to offer. So, what better would be to share the same via social media? 

It doesn’t matter the industry you’re serving; social media can help your brand become a thought leader by appearing to be a go-to source for relevant information. 

– Higher Traffic

Indeed, posting consistently and social media ads are a great way to derive traffic for your business. Thus, it is suggested to keep sharing information-brimming blogs and posts to interest your followers. 

– Lead Generation

Social media is a convenient manner for customers to show their interest, and many businesses design their mechanisms so as to keep track of their leads. For instance, McCarthy used Facebook lead ads to enable customers to learn more about their projects in a few taps. 

– Sales Booster

Social accounts are a significant element of the sales funnel that enables turning a potential customer into a regular one. 

Everyone knows there’s no going back once users start using social media accounts. Thus, as the number keeps growing, social sales tools will keep evolving making social networks much more vital. 

– Partnering with Influencers

You must know that ‘word of mouth’ plays a significant role in spreading the word about your brand or business. When you get people talking about your goods and services, it creates magic by boosting overall sales. 

Therefore, one exceptional method to do the same is by partnering with influencers since people follow them passionately and follow what they have to say. 

What do you think? 

To Sum Up!

So, what’s your idea about social media app development?

Do you think your online presence will make a difference? 

It is vital to acquire answers to such questions, which is why it would be best to reach out to a reliable mobile app development company for further assistance!

Get in touch with the experts today and discuss your app idea to take your first step towards success. 

Happy innovation!

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