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An Encyclopedia of Plagiarism Checker Tool!
October 3, 2023

Plagiarism is a common issue among students. It can have a negative impact in front of the professor. Also, it can be the reason for universities to implement academic penalties. It indicates that scholars have copied someone else’s work and can professionally degrade your image. Therefore scholars must not take a chance and submit any document with utmost care. If they are using some reference or copying someone’s else work, they need to adopt some strategies or use a plagiarism checker tool. Let’s dive deep into how you can avoid the issue of plagiarism in your paper and present a good-quality document. 

Tips and Tricks to Avoid the Issue of Plagiarism 

If you are using someone else works, morals and ethics say that you must quote or give credit to the original author. But here are some points to keep in mind before you plagiarise or paraphrase someone’s else work. 

Add Adjectives and Adverbs 

Your professor can easily detect if you copy-paste and paste an entire sentence or paragraph. The best trick is to add adjectives between words and sentences. It will keep the meaning the same but can prevent you from plagiarism. Another way to avoid it is by using a free plagiarism checker. 

Change the Order of Words 

As you copy-paste exact lines, a professor can easily detect it. Another way to avoid plagiarism is by changing the order of words or jumbling them. For example, “A girl was playing tennis, and she fell.” It can be rewritten as “A girl feels because she was playing tennis.” 

Add Pauses or Shorten Sentences 

A long exact sentence comes in observation of plagiarism checker free. The best trick to avoid it is to break the sentence and frame it in your language. Add pauses so that sentence breaks and changes the entire meaning or the concept of the paragraph. 

Include Your Opinion 

An opinion is your voice. The best alternative to avoid the blame of stealing someone’s else work is to read your topic in depth and write. Then, when you understand it, you can add your argument or counterargument and make your paper compelling and engaging. 

Refrain from Copying Exact Words 

If you are taking a sentence or a line, it is unethical to copy and paste the entire sentence. The best trick here is to keep the meaning the same but change the words and terminologies. It will save you from the blame of using someone’s else work. 

So these are some great pointers you can consider before writing any paper. Sometimes it happens that after following such steps, there comes an issue of plagiarism. There are multiple instances of unintentional cribbing too. In such a case, using a plagiarism checker tool can be the best alternative. It can detect plagiarism across millions of web pages found online. But first, understand are different types of plagiarism and how to avoid it. 

Plagiarism Types 

This section talks in detail about plagiarism types and how to avoid them. 

Global Plagiarism 

Global plagiarism means copying and pasting entire information found online. An author or an editor can easily detect it. The best alternative to avoid global plagiarism is by giving credit to the original work or using quotation marks. 

Paraphrasing Plagiarism 

Paraphrasing means keeping the sentence’s meaning the same but changing the words or phrases. There is a different write-up in such a case, but thoughts remain identical. If you brainstorm or research rigorously, it will allow you to write a long piece of content. When you use someone’s else ideas, you become restricted, and the content does not seem to be in flow. The best idea to avoid paraphrasing plagiarism is by generating unique or new ideas. 

Verbatim Plagiarism 

Including content in your document without quotation results in verbatim plagiarism. When you cite the sources, it will help you to evade such errors. One point to remember here is that even if you are taking a single line from another author, you should quote it or use in-text citations. 

Mosaic Plagiarism 

Mosiac Plagiarism is when you use bits and pieces of content to form another document or new information; it is known as mosaic plagiarism. Taking assistance is never wrong but not giving credit to the concerned author comes under mosaic plagiarism. 

Self Plagiarism 

Re-using the entire document written before comes under the category of self-plagiarism. Rewriting your content is a corrupt practice, but it is less destructive than self-plagiarism. The best way to avoid it is by including unique ideas by researching from scratch. 

Accidental Plagiarism 

Unintentionally using similar words or phrases comes under the category of accidental plagiarism. Being classified as a form of plagiarism, even unintentional plagiarism, is offensive. Therefore, be careful to avoid plagiarism and fix it the same way you would grammar and spelling mistakes.

After going through different types, tips, and tricks, it still feels like using software that can detect plagiarism even from scratch using a plagiarism checker tool. There are plenty of benefits to using this tool. Explore some of them so that you have an idea of what it is before using them. 

Advantages of Using Plagiarism Checker Tool 

Here are some perks of using the tool. 

Available 24*7 

The plagiarism checker free tool is accessible 24*7. It means you can access it anytime and anywhere. So round the clock, the tool is yours whenever you want to rectify your errors. Do not worry if it is midnight or day. It works at its best at any hour of the clock. 

Accurate Results 

You do not need to panic about whether the output or the result is declared correct or incorrect. 

But does it have any scope for plagiarism? 

The tool tells accurate and reliable results. It scans the document from scratch and matches it with information found online. 

Delivers Instantly 

You do not have to wait hours after running the document through the software. It gives you instant results without making you wait for hours. In a blink of an eye, you will not realise, and your academic task will get scanned. 

Good Grades 

One of the fears of any university student is the fear of plagiarism. If in any paper plagiarism gets detected, it prevents you from scoring well. The tool examines academic tasks from the beginning and also identifies sources from where your information matches. 

So these are some pointers that explain why using a plagiarism checker can be the best choice. If, after following recommended tips and tools, you still feel you need someone who can write and proofread your content for better grades, you can seek help from academic experts. They help you from research and brainstorming to the drafting stage and aid you in curating a commendable document. So what’s stopping you from using the tool or taking help? 

These two are the best alternatives and encourage you to deliver an excellent document to your professor.

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