December 5, 2023


Have you ever wished you could fly? Haven’t all of us? Well, isn’t it crazy that we can do it in so many different ways now? However, we believe that paragliding is actually one of the closest things to feeling like you are flying compared to flying in a plane, helicopter, hot air balloon, or any other type of parasailing in jaisalmer

We want to tell you more about what it is, how it works, whether or not it is safe, and why you should dare to try it. So that, if you decide to do it, you can see and feel what it’s like to fly… Contrary to popular belief, paragliding is a sport that can be done by anyone, from children and the elderly to people with functional differences. If you’ve never flown a paraglider before and want to give it a shot, a tandem flight is the easiest way to get started. However, the best option is to be accompanied by an experienced pilot because this sport necessitates significant practical training in addition to a high level of technical knowledge.

the ones who is going for it should not be fear of heights. also mimimun weight is there not too heavy 


The pilot is in charge of the takeoff in a tandem or two-seater flight. While the passenger’s sole responsibility is to remain seated comfortably and relaxed until they return to the ground. having to worry only about having fun and taking pictures of the landscapes.

precautions or the safety measures to keep in the mind

is safe but also depends on the weather. Even though there are risks in everything, it is critical to leave your safety in the hands of experts because doing so provides a certain guarantee.

Better conditions for paragliding In some cases, the weather will decide when to fly, where to fly, and whether or not it will be possible to take off smoothly. If your pilot decides to cancel because they see that the time is not right, you will most likely be in good hands because a professional will not put you in any danger.

Enjoy in

Jumping into a void, like you’ve probably seen in movies, is another common fear. In reality, this does not occur. When paragliding, you typically descend a slope that, with the paraglider’s strength behind you, causes you to begin flying without even realizing it.


The “baptismal,” or first, paragliding flight, lasts anywhere from 15 to 75 minutes, depending on the passenger’s preference and the weather. The majority of people who discover the magic of flying do it twice or look for other options to learn to fly on their own, despite the fact that they typically last no longer than a half hour because it is possible to become dizzy for the first time.

Where to go paragliding?

Where to go paragliding? You can go paragliding in a lot of different places. Since summer is still going on, this might be the best time to give it a shot if you’re on vacation in Spain right now.

Take a look at the tandem paragliding experience in Ager, one of the best places in the world to practice this activity for the unforgettable experience and views of the region’s most distinctive landscapes, if you want to get an idea.

You will be able to see the Canelles reservoir, the gorge of Terradets, and the gorge of Montrebei from above.


Fly again and again If you don’t experience vertigo during your tandem flight, you might want to go one step further and become a pilot. To accomplish this, you will need to enroll in a course taught by professionals who are qualified and certified. These professionals will help you with things like equipment selection, which is obvious.

In the beginning, paragliding usually costs a lot, but once you have a license and equipment, all you have to pay is the cost of getting to where you can fly. You will be able to fly in a club’s internal area safely once you pass the course. This means that you need to join one to talk to other people who love paragliding and get advice on where to go and when to go.

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